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           Erosion Control Blankets  (ECB)

Below you can see different types of ECBs in action.  We try to show the applications with before and after photos to show how slopes are stabilized. 


Channel Application


Left photo (above) shows our technicians installing the C-350 Permanent Matting for a channel application.  The left photo (above) shows the matting in place.  Note that the blanket is tucked in adjacent to the concrete flume and folded over per manufactures specifications.


The photo on the left (above) shows the matting tucked inside a trench from the top per manufacture's specifications.  The right photo (above) shows the same matting after the top has been back filled.


The two photos above show two different types of matting.  In the more critical areas, the C-350 (Permanent Matting) was installed but on the those slopes that do not carry the velocities are not as likely to erode a much less expensive S-150 matting (temporary) was used.  This combination helped keep the cost down on this project.


The two photos above show the same channel with the combination matting applications with vegetation fully established.  The photo on the right shows the City of Corpus Christi mowers after they had mowed the channel.

Ravine Application


The left photo (above) shows the slope hydro-mulched and the C-350 matting being installed.  Note that the matting is being tucked  inside a trench above.  The right photo (above) shows the blanket in place and technicians double checking staple density to ensure the blanket/matting is properly affixed to the surface.  Also note the Sediment Logs upstream of the blanket to diffuse the rain water velocity prior to coming in contact with top seam as this is the most vulnerable point of the blanket.

The above photo shows the vegetation already in place.

Ditch/Channel with water level at all times Application


The above photos show the various stages of the slope stabilization.  We used a C-125 blanket/matting on this application.  We were looking for matting with extended life to ensure protection as it was a difficult slope and there was water going through the channel continuously.  We fasten the C-125 blanket per manufactures specifications but we also added some boards to hold the blanket in place under water besides the staples until the vegetation took over.

Refinery/Chemical Tank Containment Dikes Application


The above photos show the installation of S-150 (Double Layer Straw Blanket)  to protect the slopes of a newly installed Dike around a Crude Oil Tank.  The S-150 blanket will give protection for about 4 months while the grass gets fully established.  The S-150 blanket also helps to retain the moisture on the hydro-mulched area underneath to increase the germination rate.  The photos show the start of grass growing.

The above photo shows the grass seed germinating and growing through the S-150 blanket.




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